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Why Polaris?


Our advisors are all Certified Financial Planners (CFPs®), highly experienced professionals who take a comprehensive approach in helping clients attain their goals. We are not dogmatic—we are creative thinkers and problem-solvers. Financial planning is multi-disciplinary, involving financial, tax and legal considerations. We work collaboratively to develop sound recommendations and strategies for your retirement, education funding, risk management, estate planning and more.


We disclose in plain English, up front during initial consultations, our capacities as fiduciary advisors. We explain our approach to financial planning, how we manage client assets, the process for periodic and ongoing client reviews, and our fees.

Personalized service

Every client is different and has different needs. Great advisors take time to understand each client prior to offering tailored advice. We achieve this by doing detailed initial client interviews and maintain periodic, ongoing client communications. Clients find that we are easily accessible, and do not limit our time during meetings. We work with care and attention to details to achieve high client satisfaction and retention rates.


In investing, you keep what you don’t pay for! As advisors for an SEC Registered Investment Adviser, our clients pay us a fee for the advisory services that we perform and not for commissions on investment products within their investment portfolios.